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About us

Born out of love, we decided fashion and style deserved to be contextualized within the world-at-large.

With so many creative geniuses working in the fields of design, curation, styling and photography, we felt we needed to slow things down and appreciate what these intellectual visionaries are trying to tell us. Strange for an online platform, hey?

But with an overload of hourly tweets, messages, bulletins and images flooding the internet, it is easy to feel overloaded. Information is supposed to make things easier, but too much can be just as confusing. Who do you listen to when everyone is now an expert? And in a climate where over consumption is neither doable nor fashionable, consumers consider their decisions like never before.

Prêt-à-rêver is about regaining focus on what really matters. Prêt-à-rêver is about joining up the dots and opening our eyes to the world around us. Faced with a difficult world, it is time for directional creativity to reclaim its agenda. Afterall, what is the point in loving something if you don’t know why you love it?

Join us as we dust off the books, shuffle through the galleries, gaze at the fashion photography – and aim to embrace the true meaning of the here and now.

Interact, share, tell us your thoughts, and join the conversation. Trends, creativity, movements, they should be lived and not just worn.

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Start Dreaming.
Cherish your choices.