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This apologetically upbeat  A/W ’11 fashion story sees must have style combine with must have politics. So, vote with your feet, by wearing this season’s Miu Miu glitter pumps  – and make a stand for equal rights – and your fashion forward know how.

We all know that glitter is fun, but did you also know that these sparkling particles are the powerful arsenal for a human rights revolution? Using their position of party popping positivity, glitter is capturing the power of peaceful protest, in the form of the latest emerging phenomenon – Glitter bombing – where LGBT activists literally shower anti-gay politicians with glitter.

Despite this being a  jovial medium for freedom of speech, there is a seriousness behind the message.

Do you believe that everyone has the right to marry the person they love? Regardless of their sexuality or gender? Well so do millions of others, including Anna Wintour. Giving her support, to the NYC4Marriage campaign, she recently announced: “As far as I am concerned, having the right to say ‘I do’ is as fundamental as the right to vote.”

Alas, in one part celebration of New York’s jubilant triumph, in winning it’s case for Marriage Equality, and for all the same sex marriages that took place there over the weekend, as well as a pledge of continued allegiance to the ongoing campaign of LBGT protesters – who will lobby until same-sex marriage is legalised throughout the Western world  – we embrace glitter.

And thanks to the A/W 2011 runways, so can you. Our interactive shopping edit features some of A/W ’11 hottest investment pieces and accessories from Sergio Rossi, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Stella McCartney, Fendi, and Christian Louboutin – to name but a few.

Slate magazine’s Stephen Spencer Davis wrote that glitter bombing “could be the most fabulous form of protest ever”, and Pret-a-Rever couldn’t agree more. We have been tracking the glitterati trail, as it spreads across America, and with four anti-gay politicians successfully targeted so far…we can’t wait to see who is next…

Like a slap in the face from a rainbow, glitter could be the friendliest way to effectively embarrass an anti-gay politician yet – and one of the most socially conscious ways for you to align your wardrobe with the values of liberty, fun – and equality….

The glitter trail:

Tim Pawlenty — The former governor of Minnesota and a potential 2012 United States presidential candidate, was showered with glitter and pink feathers by Nancy Mancias and Chelsea Byers, two members of CODEPINK. He was targeted at a book signing in San Francisco on June 16, 2011. Tim Pawlentry doesn’t believe that women have the right to abortion and that same sex couples do not have the right to decide what will happen to their partner’s body, should one of them die –  as he believes in “traditional marriage.”

Watch the glitter bomb here

Michelle Bachmann — A member of the United States House of Representatives from Minnesota and a 2012 presidential candidate, was glitter bombed in Minneapolis on June 18, 2011, by Rachel E. B. Lang with the support of the LGBT-interest organizations GetEQUAL and COLAGE. Michelle very recently signed a highly controversial  anti-gay, racially insensitive, anti-abortion pledge entitled “The Marriage Vow: A declaration of Dependence upon MARRIAGE and FAMILY.” She also supports and fundraises for “You can run but you can’t hide”, an extreme right-wing ministry, which believes that gay people should be executed.

Lang on why she glittered Michelle Bachmann

Marcus Bachmann — Michele Bachmann’s husband and a therapist whose clinical practices, in particular his practicing reparative therapy designed to change the sexual orientation of patients from homosexual to heterosexual, drew scrutiny during his wife’s 2012 presidential campaign. Activists dressed as barbarians (a reference to a comment by Bachmann analogizing homosexuality to barbarism) glitter bombed Bachmann & Associates’ Minnesota office on July 21, 2011 to protest Bachmann’s stances on LGBT issues

Newt Gingrich — The former Speaker of the House of Representatives and his wife Callista were showered with glitter at a book signing in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 17, 2011. Grinch is anti same sex marriage,  and opposed the right of gay people to openly serve in the military. He has been accused of secretly donating $350,000 to an anti-gay hate group – and his own sister publicly disowned him, in an open letter to the Huffington Post.

Watch the glitter bomb here

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